Bucket Lists

In the last year, I haven’t seen so many bucket list creations in my life. I carefully read through people’s lists and see that they’re all beautifully colored with hope and promise striving for the adventures and goals so many of us dream of. It occurred to me that I have never made one myself. I couldn’t figure out why until I started to realize that there is a possibility that a number of those on my list would not be fulfilled. Could I bare the disappointment in myself or my lack of motivation to see them all through? Well, there’s a reason it’s 28 degrees out and I can’t go anywhere so here I am with a blank screen just waiting to be filled with my little hearts desires, but I want to look at them as goals for the moment. For now, I think I’ll start with a bucket/goal list for the year. This way, they are somewhat attainable and I won’t be distraught if and when I don’t make it Thailand for elephant riding.

1. Get a job at a non-profit working with women and children.

2. Get an apt in the city.

3. Lose 8 lbs of fat and gain 7 lbs of muscle.

4. Hold a position on the Bored of Directors with the charity I volunteer for.

5. Travel to St. Michaels, MD.

6. Travel to Boston, MA

7. Hit NYC

Since 7 is the number of completion, I’ll stop here. Even making this short list, I had to get a hold of my imagination in order to not get carried away with the amount of adventures and goals I had planned for myself. Perhaps we all should just take the bite that we can chew. After all, setting your standards extremely high can be a straight shot into self-doubt which can be a right turn into fear. Seek the attainable-no one is born running.


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