Among the Chaos


There are plenty of things I can find to complain about what with the gloomy winter that refuses to let Spring have her turn and the fact that I’m not working a 9-5 like I’m used to. In retrospect, given my last post I literally could make a list of things I’ve been brooding over to change, but they are sadly not within my power. After all this time grooming myself in world of structure, I’ve found myself with time, motivation, and a bossy attitude. All I had to do was realize that those three components of my personality can be a triple threat when unleashed-and unleashed they are. From photography, network marketing, and internships-I’m jumping in.

Creativity is one of the most untapped resources in the human mind. It’s my personal belief we all have a creative side, but there is typically a voice that quietly checks you and reminds you that you have bills to pay; and so we carry on in the mundane routine to work our asses off. Many of us are blessed to be working in their dream job doing what they love all day, every day and there are others of us that may sit at a desk gazing into the computer indulging in daydreams about what we can do to make a difference or to even be at peace with ourselves and follow our dreams. A few months ago, I was silently screaming on the daily because I had to structure in my life, but then I remember when I did-the 9-5, M-F it wanted to mentally die. The stimulation was I so quietly hungry for was slowly being eroded by the louder acquisition to sit behind my desk, make that bi-weekly check, and be a good worker bee. Granted, steady income is incentive for most anything in life, but think-what would happen if we had just enough time alone in a bit of chaos to rediscover ourselves and those quiet taps on the creative sides of our brains.

Passion for life, music, love, people, or even our work doesn’t come out of no where. Passion is what blooms after we acknowledge that voice inside. We know ourselves better than we think- we simply need to welcome moments of realization and perhaps confusion with open arms because who knows what we’ll find among the chaos.



State of Mind in Another State


The mind is single handedly the most crazy concept of the human body that can posses our every move-every decision. From matters of what to eat to what to put on our bodies (and sometimes what to take off)-we make decisions every day that affect the way the world perceives us and many times the way we perceive ourselves.

Having just returned to the East Coast, home away from home, from the beauty and sunshine of So Cal-to which I’m blessed to call my forever home- I began to lament the flight home days before check in. A one way ticket to the north pole. I would be flying back to piles of snow, chilly wind that seemed to bite, and partial cloudy skies with hints of sun on a good day. I, however, never reminded myself that I was returning to my best friend and husband, however that did not seem to have an effect on my anxiousness on leaving.

My world is the city of Los Angeles. Whether it is the addiction to the adrenaline rush I get speeding on the 210 or the fact that a blue sky is scientifically proven to boost mood levels, I am clinically and unhealthily hooked on So Cal. Unfortunately, there is no room on the pedestal that I have placed the Golden State on-which terribly affects my outlook on my current location status. I’ll even go as far to say that it affects the daily allowance of happiness I extend on myself not to mention the torture it bestows on my lovely other half.

In essence, happiness is a state of mind. I can be happy here in the land of real seasons that change- but I need to make the decision to do so. Thinking of what could be or what should’ve been is crippling and prevents us from enjoying what our life is offering us now. I’d rather be caught basking in my present than chasing tomorrow or retracing my steps from yesterday.

Memories are great and future plans are even better, but what are we doing today?