Little Eyes

After months and months of lamenting over the fact that I have severely neglected writing, I became re-inspired through a series of life changing events. The most critical event-giving birth.

On July 9, 2015, my husband and I had a baby boy. The point here isn’t a birth story, but rather what this event triggered inside me. Over the 9 months-more like 10 months since I was overdue- life was growing inside of me. Everyday, this small human was getting closer to entering into this world and all I could think about is what will I have to share with him? Is he going to look at his mother and see a woman who harnessed talent and power and shares that with the world? Did she do what she dreamed or go where she dared?

They say having a child changes you. I say it doesn’t change you, instead it forces you to want to fulfill your purpose of who you already are. At least it did for me. There was no magical switch that went off that caused a catastrophic mind shift, but the thought of living mundanely and not showing this new human being a beautiful way to live with purpose would kill me. Life is not about the surface experiences. It’s in the details. I want him to not only see a sunset, but to count the colors he sees in the sky. I hope that when he is talking to his friends, it is not always dependent on a Wi-Fi signal or lack of 4G. I want his eyes to see faces and hearts and the journeys that each one is on. To be different. My desire is that he lives ever so fully in the present moment-exisiting with intention and walking in the way of Love and Light fulfilling his purpose.

My point is, if I want this so deeply for him, why shouldn’t I want this for myself? For my husband? My friends? It is why I picked up my journal to write again and it is why I will continue to not just be, but to live with intention and purpose.

A living example to the little eyes that watch.

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