Podcast Mania!

I am the type of person to develop obsessions and passions only to have them fulfilled and it is on to the next one! However, this current obsession? I see no end in sight.

Podcasts are too legit. In the car. At work. Getting ready at home. Cooking. The possibilities and time for them are endless and I’m just soaking them all in. Backstory- I started listening to podcasts when I was having a rough time, possibly the worst time in my adult life. A time of uncertainty when I lived on an emotional rollercoaster. Since then, I’ve chosen to get off the ride (more on this later). Alas, podcasts saved the day. It all started with a friend I follow on Snapchat that screenshot what she was listening to and I replied with “what’s that!?”- and so it began. Below, I list in no particular order my favorite podcasts right now.

  • That’s So Retrograde- a wellness podcast hosted by Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, that focuses on mindful living. They follow moon cycles, astrology, meditation, and host interviews with crazy inspiring creatives! These ladies give me life!
  • The Skinny Confidential-Lauren Evarts and Michael Bostick, a cohesively entertaining married couple that host their podcast based off her blog and book, named the same. They have tips and tricks ranging from beauty, health, fitness, and major guests that are just down right brilliant creators and entrepreneurs that leave you with ideas swirling about!
  • Risen Motherhood-this podcast keeps me from losing my mind thinking I’m alone in the mothering world. Raising babies in a world that attempts to grab their attention at every move, these ladies give great Biblical advice to raise your little ones in Christ while not forgetting yourself as a mother, wife, and individual.
  • Higherself Podcast -this is by Sahara Rose (IG handle: @iamsaraharose). If you don’t know what Ayurveda is you need to. And she makes it such an easy method to add into your daily lifestyle. I’ve already implemented 5 Ayurvedic practices to my daily routine!
  • Goaldigger Podcast- by Jenna Kutcher-100% boss babe, a total business mindset on learning to grow your hobby to your business and doing what you LOVE.

There you have it! These are my current favs and I already have a few to suggest next time. Have a listen and let me know what you think! Any suggestions? Send them over!



Curse of Comparison

This has been a topic so heavy on my heart, because comparison haunts every single one of us. Mostly without admission. The accessibility to view the lives of everyone from our closest friends to complete strangers in other countries has been such a blessing yet can be a curse all in the same stroke. Admiring the pretty postings and flat lays is one thing, but expecting your highlight reel to look the same as another mama or another influencer is just unrealistic. I’m preaching to myself here you guys, because I am guilty of wishing my kitchen looked like that farm style kitchen post that had 1500 likes or figuring out how I can keep my home clean and sparkly while I’m at work for 9 hours even though I have a toddler. Because if mom over here has 3 kids and I have 1 then it’s certainly possible. But no.

What we see are snippets, tiny moments of time in tiny squares that in no way reflect a realistic day to day and if they do for that individual, then more power to them! But you are you! You are in this current space for a reason. Be your own competition. Some days your best will not be the same best as other days, but you are dominating. You come in first because you’re running your own race. Kill the curse. . Maybe you could be better or more efficient, but be better than YOU were yesterday. Challenge yourself to grow and be your own inspiration.

Thoughts can snowball. Try writing down a negative or positive conclusion that you’ve made about yourself. Underneath that conclusion, write down all the thoughts preceding that conclusion. How did you get there? What was the first thought? Identify it and destroy it if it’s negative. Learn to redirect thoughts of comparison that are not serving you. So the next time you’re scrolling and you happen to start figuring out what you need to buy or eat or do, in order for something to measure up to someone else’s reality. Stop yourself. Shift perspective. And honor yourself for who you are and the moment you’re in.



5 Musts in LA from a Local Girl

I mean nothing really beats LA in the states. In my opinion I guess. Because location is everything and weather, well that’s just icing on a vegan, gluten free cake. Minutes away from the beach and equally as close to the mountains with snow, you can’t really complain about much except for traffic. Although I will say traffic comes from overcrowding so there’s definitely too many people, but the diversity is what the migrators to this city are looking for. So we kinda need all these people for variety sake. But you guys, I grew up here and I STILL haven’t seen everything like shame on me!

Anyway, this weekend, we stayed in LA, right near Beverly Hills with some friends. In the 48 hours we were there, we saw ALOT, but we only did like 5 things. So if you’re local to LA and still haven’t been able to appreciate your city, I highly recommend the following:

  • LACMA-it’s huge and they’re always changing the exhibits which suffices for variety so this can be a regular thing and you won’t get bored. The space to walk can easily get some steps in for the day. Not to mention there are definitely some spots for the aspiring photographer or fancy Instagram-er because let’s be honest, we love aesthetic and who doesn’t want to learn to appreciate art?
  • La Brea Tar Pits- totally underrated! We can’t get enough of LA history and this has more than I really ever paid attention to. Lots of space for the kids to get their wiggles out and it’s free to wander unless you want to visit an exhibit. Definitely on the list.
  • Cofax- ok food. Who’s not eating in LA? Cofax is named after Koufax, former Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher. They have the most phenomenal breakfast burritos I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve had my fair share. And they have donuts. Burritos and donuts. Just die.
  • Rodeo- it’s still worth the trip. Whether you’re window shopping or splurging, just go.
  • Hollywood sign-get your Nike’s on and leave on your yoga pants (we all know you’re already wearing them because so am I) and head up the hill because the hike is stunning. Even the drive is gorgeous, but if you live here and you haven’t hiked to the Hollywood sign, it’s a must. And while you’re there, the Griffith Observatory is literally on the way. Do yourself the favor and allow yourself to be in awe for a min. Because when was the last time you’ve been amazed?

I had to share this mostly because you tend to forget what’s in your own backyard when you’re looking in someone else’s. So while you’re planning your next vacation and you live in LA, try a staycation and fall in love with your home.