It’s About Time to Make Time

Noah is going on 3 years old in a little over a month! It blows my mind how fast time flys and no matter how many times you say that time does fly, you’ll never fully immerse yourself in a moment.

Ever since I went back to work, I was in a constant race to beat time. Until recently, time has been my mortal enemy and we’ve just started making peace with one another. When I went back to work after having him, I spent the afternoon/evening racing home to not miss dinner and bedtime routines. Most of the time, I’d miss the latter and it would just haunt me the rest of the night, ultimately robbing me of any enjoyment I could have with Josh. The worst part? I did it all again the next day. I eventually got tired of rushing about my day and fighting for the next moment, so instead, I chose to manage and leverage my time with baby as much as I could. So how do you take back your time when you live triple lives on a daily basis? Tactics my friends!

  1. Stop the guilt. In my case, it’s mom guilt. The “I’ll never see..” or “I’m missing everything”. Until you can do something else to change this situation don’t dwell.
  2. Make a plan for the day and choose one thing to look forward to. Write it down on a sticky or in an alarm on your phone. I prefer physically writing it because there’s power in pen and paper.
  3. Getting home, change. I can’t get out of my work clothes fast enough. Keep your comfies folded on your bed and ready to go!
  4. Remember your why. This can change through each season of life, but reflecting on my why  keeps me anchored.

I’m always curious to see what others do to manage their time so share away please!




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