For the Love of Families-Fight

Reading the news or politics now has just not only become disheartening, but ultimately disappointing. Disappointment for our leaders and the poor inhumane choices that are being made. I have never been into politics, but his goes beyond political stance and just comes down to the heart.

So what’s happening? In a nutshell:

Families are escaping their homes where they’re being subjecting to various acts of violence. In short their home countries are literally unsafe and toxic and they flee to protect themselves and their children. They’re seeking not only asylum, they’re seeking peace, protection, and hope.

Why are families being separated?

There is a “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that is enforcing the separation of families. Parents that came over the border are being sent back and their children are being held in shelters that vary in condition, but the point is that those conditions are no where near the standards of a loving home with their family.

Are we powerless? What can we do?

  1. Call your senator/representatives. You can find your specific office here. Put in your address or zip. Offer your stance and if they’ve already signed a bill against it go right ahead give them a mental high five!
  2. Vote it up! Find out when voting takes place and VOTE! Here’s a link to find your specific locations and dates.
  3. Donate. Together Rising is raising funds to contribute to kids for legal defense. Also ACLU is actively raising funds to help defend the parents that are being separated from their babies.
  4. Prayer. Without ceasing. To give these families relief, hope, restore the peace in their lives, and repair the damage a stranger has inflicted. It costs no money, yet is most powerful.

Thank you for reading- this is not political this is humanity. We must fight for humanity and it’s rights, fight for love, and above all fight for our future.



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