10 Reasons to Consider Intermittent Fasting

I decided to give intermittent fasting a try back in the summer of 2018 and MAAAAAAAN did I fall in love!! Like I can’t speak highly enough of it because I have had so many weight loss / get fit goals to date and this by far has offered me more “support” if you will. I don’t like dietary restrictions or calorie, carb, or any type of counting. If it takes to much effort I lose interest. I have enough to think about with a full time job, husband, and baby to come home to. Insert intermittent fasting. I work an 8-5 and literally do not have an interest in meticulous meal prepping, sorry.

Why did I choose intermittent fasting?

Now my personal problem is self control. If it’s there and is a pastry the likelihood of it ending up in front of me is highly likely. Hi world, my name is Giana and I’m a carb lover! And that’s ok but seriously self control or lack might be the issue with many people looking to make lifestyle changes to their dietary habits.

What is it?

Intermittent fasting is picking ideally a time frame in which you will eat and a time frame in which you fast (water, tea, or coffee permitted with only a natural 0 cal sweetener). I like the 16:8. Fast 16 hours from 8pm to 12pm and eat from 12pm to 8pm. It works the best with my lifestyle considering work and family dinner. Your times are conducive to your lifestyle! The keys aren’t the time they keys are in consistency! Here are my top 10 reasons to consider intermittent fasting.

Top 10 reasons you should consider it:

1. You’re busy. I mean who isn’t right? If you don’t have time to meal prep 6 meals or 3 meals or whatever it is you’re doing, this quickly eliminates one. For me it eliminates breakfast. I take my tea or coffee to go and my Hydroflask w/ lemon and a touch of mint and I’m gone. I fill by Hydro up at work. Sip sip boom it’s lunch.

2. You feel a sense of power. The thing I feel the most aside from a flatter tummy is power. I feel a sense of ownership because I’ve made a promise to myself to eat within a set time frame and the last person I’m breaking promises with are myself.

2. Self-discipline is built. Let’s say your times are like mine, 12pm-8pm. You know that when you walk in the office, if there are free bagels in the break room, you can pass on by. Because if they’re there at 830am…not time to eat…Just keep walking. I did it this morning! I was so proud.

3. It’s easy AF. Like seriously. Just pick your 8-9 hour window of when you want to feed your body and boom. Little to no thought behind it. Set alarms if you need to so you have a physical reminder, but let’s be honest who’s going to forget to eat? Not I.

4. You give your body time to rest. Have you ever gone to bed with a full belly? Well you go to sleep but your body doesn’t. Why? Because your body isn’t fully resting. This time of fasting gives your body time to clear waste from your cells more efficiently which enhances your cellular energy. Meaning, your cells have more time to do their most important jobs. There are ton of benefits. Should I do a separate post on benefits??

5. Fast results. I’m naturally impatient and it’s really annoying. This gave me quick results in a healthy way. How? My stomach was flat fairly quick. Now I don’t have 6 pack abs but it was flat to my content. Less bloated and more energy pretty quickly. Yaaas!

6. I inadvertently make really good food choices. I figure that when I finally get to eat, I’m taking this window for my body to revive its nourishment. Why would I want to just give it junk? I’m being mindful of times to eat, why wouldn’t i be mindful of what I’m eating in that time? Like it just goes hand in hand for me. Makes me want to eat better, thus maximizing results!!

7. Builds community. It’s the easiest thing to get someone on board with and so much fun when it’s done in groups or with a friend. My husband and I fast at the same times and it’s fun! I do get slightly hangry but he manages exceptionally well 🙂

8. Makes you drink water more. Chug chug chug! Or sip sip hurray! My Hydro comes everywhere! Especially during my fasting hours in the AM.

9. Simple meal prep. I mentioned meal prep earlier that I don’t like it but this makes it sooo much easier! I’m blessed enough to go home for lunch but the days I wasn’t, I brought a salad topped with quinoa and avocado with cherry tomatoes and cilantro dressing, threw some snacks in my larger than life purse, and left. Dinner I just make when I get home but we usually shop Trader Joe’s and their food is super easy to prepare we love them!!

10. Perfect for goal oriented people. If you’re like me and like to put dates and to do lists together this is for you. It’s all about structure and if you’re feeling like you could use a little structure or boundaries in your life, this is a perfect way to ease it in.

Bottom line?

Your body likes to rest. Kinda like your phone sometimes it starts glitching and it simply takes a simple reset to turn the tables and reboot. Try and let me know how it goes!



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