The Mindful Mama vs Working Mama and How I Became Both

Wait- mindful mom that works? How if you’re not home? Yea. No…..There’s an ugly misconception floating around out there. The idea that slow motherhood or mindful motherhood is a mom that stays home, making some sort of passive income that doesn’t require her to leave the house awarding her the long coveted time to be with and raise her family organically. I ferociously chased this illusion imagining that if i could just stay home with him and invest my whole everything in raising him I’ll then at that point be a good mom.

I subscribed to the lie that i wasn’t a mindful mother because i wasn’t with him 24/7. I limited my powerful ability to invest in quality over quantity. I woke up every single morning to my alarm at 6am and while i got ready, I anxiously logged for 530 pm when i could run home and enjoy the last few hours of the day with him. Even writing this now makes me want to cry realizing how much time I was literally wasting waiting for the moment to be a fully invested mindful mother. Until I owned it.

I wish I could tell you the turning point exactly. I wish I could recall the exact moment I realized I was limiting myself and my potential. But one day I literally told myself “I’m not doing this anymore”. I’m not living in this anxiety that makes me sick. I started my “working mom-tras” as I like to call them.

Mindful motherhood for working moms seems unattainable but here’s how I’m harnessing the beauty in both. I draw boundaries and give the “non-negotiables” priority in the calendar. That’s right, my 3 calendars help me manage and remain mindful because I have reminders!

My non-negotiables for the family:

  • Spending a crap top of time outside
  • Dinner together, lunch if possible
  • Daily family gratitude expression
  • Kids Bed time routine
  • Skin care routine
  • Family prayer-foundation of our family is our faith.

I keep it simple. These are ways I prioritize- family first.

Intentional decisions in my home:

  • Organic produce when I can

You get the picture. My point is there ARE ways you can be a mindful mama and work and love yourself and be a good wife and keep a happy home. It’s possible. The overwhelm comes from within. That mean girl voice that tells you you’re not doing enough. Some days your best will look different but always know that’s your best for that day or in that moment and that’s ok too.

How are you limiting yourself? Where can you make adjustments to harness the power of the kind of woman and mother you want to become?



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