Why You NEED to Check In With Yourself

6 months into 2019! I can’t say enough how insane it is that time flys by this fast. Just a few months ago, many of us set intentions for the 2019 year. Mine were more promise centered- not so much goals but more focused on keeping the intentions I set for myself.

Within last year I became a big advocate of women keeping promises that they make themselves. Everyday we make promises to ourselves-whether it’s to workout that day, go for a walk, drink tea instead of coffee, put the phone down by 8pm, invest in a self-Development course… whatever it is for you that you say to yourself regularly that is 100% a promise. Unfortunately we are most prone to break the promises we make ourselves. Almost with very little hesitation. What that creates is a sub conscience self distrust. We are subconsciously breaking trust barriers in ourselves and then that thought process turns into, well I can never stick to a clean eating plan or I always give in I have no discipline etc. Those words, that limiting self -talk takes over and we start to become that person we believe we are, when in reality, we are not that person! Herein lies accountability.

I told myself I was going to do a 6 month self check in with myself for the 2019 year. I wanted to make sure that when I sat down and looked at the promises I made myself in January 2019 were either coming to fruition or well on their way. I want to share with this with you because there’s power in saying things out loud to an audience and even more power in having something in writing.

My word for the year was : ACTION

My promises for this year were:

1. Invest in my personal development.

2. Invest in taking care of my skin.

3. Pray and act-to take a leap of faith.

So where am I in this journey for 2019?

  • I have executed #1. I finally began my holistic nutrition program. It’s a 1 year certification program that will compliment my Masters in Public Health and allow me to start my own business which is a goal of mine. Please if you have questions about a career in holistic health or just further education in general do not hesitate to reach out!!
  • #2 was fairly recent actually! I just partnered with a safe skin care and beauty brand called BeautyCounter! Literally 5 months ago I started using the products as a client and because their mission, “to get safer skin care in the hands of everyone”, aligns with my personal mission, to be the village-to provide holistic and healthy resources to manage working motherhood. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone for me- investing in my skin with a healthy, safe, and clean source of beauty and skin care AND I get to make a living while educating women on safer beauty.
  • The third one kind of came early in the year. I knew i wanted to bring more proactive with my faith in God and letting Him do what He wants to do in my life. I started really praying to trust in His guidance and act in faith despite what i think is best. Well, I made a move I thought was best for me and a month later an opportunity came where I knew He was calling me in a different direction. I don’t know why or the specifics on what the purpose is- but I know I’m happy and so is my family.

I want to challenge you to look back to late December 2018 early January 2019 and recall what intentions you set or what promises you made to yourself. Write them down and check your progress. Not for anyone. Not for your parents, friends, boyfriends, or husbands. Not for social media, just for you. And it’s ok if those intentions have changed- just remain true to yourself throughout the process.

How Can You Check In?

  1. Make a list of the intentions you set out for yourself.
  2. Make notes under each one with the progress you’ve made. Whether it’s been thinking on it more, little action steps, making connections, whatever!
  3. Make a deadline for yourself. “By this Friday, I’m going to apply to 3 jobs and send each one a follow up email” or “By the end of today I’m going to talk to someone about _____”. Every little bit helps.
  4. Set reminders in your phone for the littlest of things. “Hey Siri, please remind me to follow up with ____”. Siri hates me because I annoy her all day lol!

Start holding yourself accountable for your happiness and your success. Start being the pioneer in your life a revolutionary force of energy that keeps your own promises.



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