Why You Need to Love What You Do

I don’t know how many of you know, but I am in a holistic health nutrition program through to compliment my MPH! I chose to do this program because I wanted to do what I love. I am all too familiar with the “daily grind” as we all seem to know it as and while many I know do already love what they do, I am frequently saddened by how many people close to me that are completely unhappy in their careers.

I come from a place where this is what you do. I was raised by a single mother who killed the game. She taught me persistence and perseverance all the things I attempt to embody. It made me confident that I could work happily and be a mother as equally happily. Years down the road I became a mother and found myself heading back to a full-time job when my son was 1. This was completely out of necessity simply because Josh was in nursing school.

I spent a great deal at work. 9 hours in the office to be exact. 5 days a week and each day I faced a 1.5 hour commute there and back. Because I’m extra, I counted the hours one day and ended up in a pool of tears next to my calculator. 1,187.5 hours I was spending A MONTH away from home. Was I loving what I was doing? No. Was I hating it? No. I was completely apathetic. I enjoyed it because I knew it and was good at it and I’m very close friends with a few of the people I got to see everyday which was a HUGE help in getting me through that season. But here’s the thing, I was very numb to the job. I had no passion for it and therefore I left feeling unfulfilled to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally grateful for the job and feel so blessed I had the opportunity. However, when home is stressful, raising a toddler, one income, and a busy school schedule that kept Josh away, feeling apathetic about my career was the last thing that needed to be on the plate.

So why do you need to love what you do? Because whatever it is, ESPECIALLY if you’re clocking in and out everyday, you spend most of your time there. More so than with your loved ones sadly. And i’m sure some days you’re like me where you can’t wait to have an adult conversation instead of bribing your kid to put on pants! But the reality is, this society has set us up in a way where the nuclear family is at risk. It’s scary and even scarier how a lot of us just fall in line. We don’t ask for more or expect more because “this is the new normal”.

Career satisfaction would boost so many happy factors across America. Many working mothers would come home feeling energized, happy, fulfilled, and ready to take on their most important job. You might be saying, “yea ok but how can I just go get my dream job” or “how can I start that business I’ve been thinking about”. My answer is in 3 simple concepts surrounding this good ol’ saying: slowly but surely.


Any progress is still progress. Do not discount the simple things you can do. Level up and take it one step further from thinking about what you want to do and start researching it. The possibility. The reality. Make lists. Make calls. Talk to other people that are currently doing what you want to do.


Ivy Lee. I posted on my IG about this and I’ve started it seriously slowly but surely because I hit days where I am feeling completely unmotivated. But in the evening, write down 6 of the most important things you need to do the next morning. Cross them off as you get them done the next day. To kick it up a notch, put 2-3 of those items on the list the items that are related to what you want to end up doing. Put it out there so you see it everyday and speak it everyday.


Rally your village. Do you know someone who is itching for something life giving too? Reach out. Talk about what you want to do because talking about it gives it life and inserts energy to make it real. The village is everything for working mothers.

Please reach out to me if you need help with this. I am going to school for holistic health coaching and that is so much  more than eating. I am specializing in working mother wellness. Even if you just need to talk and someone to listen or be your village don’t hesitate to reach out and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group, The Working Mama Collective!



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