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I am Giana V., curator and writer for The Lovely Now. I am the wife of the most fantastic human I know-usually found in basketball shorts, sliders, and a classic bro-tank and mama to my mini me ( no but seriously, we have the same personality) in boy form.  We live in a suburb less than an hour outside of Los Angeles and could’t be happier. I’m a So Cal girl from Los Angeles and my husband is an East Coast boy. We will forever be in a battle of the coasts.

I am also a full-time working career mom finding ways to reconnect with my family on a daily basis while keeping my head on straight (challenge accepted!). I am multi-passionate and driven in more ways than one, but mostly driven to create time for my family. I believe that time is infinite and we have the ability to create it and I am on a journey to find ways to do so, so that I don’t miss a thing!

I love writing, story-telling, reading, art, travel, and d learning about new cultures and listening to life stories. I hope in some way you find solace in the fact that working moms  and women in general, are a community that need love and support in such a holistic and special way.

This blog is my journey to find easy and simple ways to make working and wellness coexist. My hope is that you take away value in the tips and hacks I share throughout my story, knowing your worth and allowing yourself to believe that you deserve a holistic wellness in every sense of the word. 

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