You Said It Charles Dickens

When I read A Tale of Two cities, by Charles Dickens, I had no idea that the infamous “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”. would be my life’s most reflected on quote. Mr. Dickens sure does have a point and he sure did know how to collectively describe the life of a 30 something year old working wife and mother, supporting her husband through nursing school.

This week is a week of lasts. It was Josh’s last day at the hospital as a nursing student. This Friday will be his last day of actual class in the nursing program and June 10th, he walks across the stage. The last 2.5 years of our lives has come down to a cap, gown, and 2 hour ceremony. He didn’t care much for the fact that I’m forcing him to go to commencement, but to me it is more than the commencement, the ceremony, or the recognition even. To me, it is the epitome of what we have sacrificed almost literally to get to this point. But honestly? I wouldn’t have picked another man to do this with.

I will share in a future post how we got to this point, but the last 2.5 years have been a season of distress, yet complete positive growth and challenge. For lack of better words, a bittersweet season. When we look at that degree he earned we will not just see a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing. We will see late nights and early mornings, babysitter interviews, schedule changes, arguments, disagreements, tears, and self-doubt. But we will also see, relentlessness, discipline, persistence, love, faithfulness, and sacrifice.

I can’t wait to share with you the hows and the whats, but I need to find the right time and delivery because of how personal those events have been. My point is that any masterpiece or accomplishment is never in vain and rarely does not require sacrifice. So that thing you’ve been thinking of doing but hold back because it’s a temporary inconvenience, but can shift your whole future, do it. Future you will thank you for the growth opportunity. Accept the challenge. Change your life.



It’s About Time to Make Time

Noah is going on 3 years old in a little over a month! It blows my mind how fast time flys and no matter how many times you say that time does fly, you’ll never fully immerse yourself in a moment.

Ever since I went back to work, I was in a constant race to beat time. Until recently, time has been my mortal enemy and we’ve just started making peace with one another. When I went back to work after having him, I spent the afternoon/evening racing home to not miss dinner and bedtime routines. Most of the time, I’d miss the latter and it would just haunt me the rest of the night, ultimately robbing me of any enjoyment I could have with Josh. The worst part? I did it all again the next day. I eventually got tired of rushing about my day and fighting for the next moment, so instead, I chose to manage and leverage my time with baby as much as I could. So how do you take back your time when you live triple lives on a daily basis? Tactics my friends!

  1. Stop the guilt. In my case, it’s mom guilt. The “I’ll never see..” or “I’m missing everything”. Until you can do something else to change this situation don’t dwell.
  2. Make a plan for the day and choose one thing to look forward to. Write it down on a sticky or in an alarm on your phone. I prefer physically writing it because there’s power in pen and paper.
  3. Getting home, change. I can’t get out of my work clothes fast enough. Keep your comfies folded on your bed and ready to go!
  4. Remember your why. This can change through each season of life, but reflecting on my why  keeps me anchored.

I’m always curious to see what others do to manage their time so share away please!




One Reason the Royal Wedding Got Me Like…

One of the many reasons why my interest has been peaked surrounding the royal wedding is that I get to be alive when history was made. The royal wedding has taken the world by storm and a global interest has been invested. I usually have no particular curiosity in the love lives of others but this story has peaked my interest for many reasons. First of all, Meghan is beautiful and bi racial. BI RACIAL. Not black. Not white. But both. And she is the first bi racial princess for the UK. She made history for mixed women all around the world! She and Harry represent an archetype unequal to any other and a pivotal moment in what we can mark as a sign of significant change.

Tradition is a beautiful thing and I would consider myself a traditionalist. But tradition does not mean that our hearts and minds should be closed to change and growth and opportunity. Had the Queen denied this union, she wouldn’t have been apart of a historical moment and just when parts of the world are turning their backs on broken ideals, difference in culture or socioeconomic status for lack of understanding, she made a monumental decision to uphold tradition while welcoming change.

Was their road easy? Probably not. Will it get easier or will the negative talk of the way it “should’ve” been ever cease? No. But behind all the negative and above the noise, stronger people rise and the world still watches. Here’s to change in the horizon and a couple of cute mixed royal babies!



Seasonal Uncertainty’s Silver Lining

Hey Friends!

So I wanted to get into seasons with you for a moment. No, not Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer type seasons, but seasons in life. I choose to look at different phases in my life as seasons, because it’s easier to digest that each earthly season doesn’t last forever therefore life seasons do not last. Seasons of life are just varied depending on who, what, and where you are and no one’s one season is the same nor do they occur at the same times.

Personally, I have been in a season of uncertainty more so focused on purpose in career and where I’m headed with what I ultimately want to do. While I already know the what, I am stuck in the “how”. And this is where I find most people become stuck, because the how is so much trickier than the what. When you feel uncertain, the self-talk tends to be on the negative side usually sounding like “why bother”, “there’s no options”, “I just don’t see a way”, etc. I’ve talked about self-talk and how powerful it seems to be mostly for me, and this type of talk is NOT the way to make it to where you want to be.

The beauty of uncertainty, because I’m all about the silver lining, is that because there is no particular way is that you get to create it! You get to create the way for you that works for you. The possibilities are endless when you haven’t done it before because it’s new. It’s not stained with process or opinion of what the “best” or “most efficient” way to do that thing is. So create and make a way.

My tips?

  1. Start small. List WHAT or WHERE where you want to be. (easy)
  2. Brainstorm the how. Write out on PAPER guys not your phone or computer sticky notes. There is magic in writing in your own handwriting and the connections your brain makes to the action. Write all the steps in YOUR mind of how it would be possible for you to get there.
  3. Turn that brainstorm magic into a list and start crossing them off. It feels way too good to cross things off of lists for me and I just feel like I’m dominating as I draw that line through that thing.
  4. Start DOING. Action is everything. Inaction is a decision. You are deciding NOT to make the way.

So lean into the uncertainty, but find a way to use it as inspiration and not defeat. See it as an opportunity not a road block and your life will change.

I want to hear from you! What are your tips for surviving uncertain seasons?



Till You Make It, Girl

I was having an off day at work, like the kind I could’ve resigned in a moments notice just on a whim of being in a bad mood. But I said to myself “fake it till you make it”. It was almost out habit I used the phrase to pull myself out of my funk, but lately I’ve been in this mood where I dissect the meaning of things that are said a lot or used a lot. At first that phrase comes off a little harsh, it feels insincere or that you’re promoting a sense of pretending reality is something that it’s not, but I spent a little time unpacking this expression and had kind of an “aha” moment. (Thanks Oprah for that new term that I’m obsessed with!)

Faking it does not have to mean you pretend reality isn’t happening or it doesn’t have to mean you’re exhibiting a false perception of yourself. I choose to look at this as shifting perspective. I choose to act as though my prayers have already been answered or behave as though the day, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, can still be a good day. So eventually, faking it becomes real. You’ve created a habit to look at the bright side or realize that there is a silver lining to everything. I mean everything. If it’s not obvious-make it your mission to find it. Only then will perspective shift.

Mindset is everything. Sometimes we get stuck in our heads and make things way more complex than they need to be, but it might be a good time to get back to basics and learn to change perspective. The power of choice. Sometimes it’s nice to just reel it back in and remind yourself that it isn’t fake it’s a choice to reinvent your thought process and speak it. Because once you speak it, you believe, you live it.



Podcast Mania!

I am the type of person to develop obsessions and passions only to have them fulfilled and it is on to the next one! However, this current obsession? I see no end in sight.

Podcasts are too legit. In the car. At work. Getting ready at home. Cooking. The possibilities and time for them are endless and I’m just soaking them all in. Backstory- I started listening to podcasts when I was having a rough time, possibly the worst time in my adult life. A time of uncertainty when I lived on an emotional rollercoaster. Since then, I’ve chosen to get off the ride (more on this later). Alas, podcasts saved the day. It all started with a friend I follow on Snapchat that screenshot what she was listening to and I replied with “what’s that!?”- and so it began. Below, I list in no particular order my favorite podcasts right now.

  • That’s So Retrograde- a wellness podcast hosted by Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, that focuses on mindful living. They follow moon cycles, astrology, meditation, and host interviews with crazy inspiring creatives! These ladies give me life!
  • The Skinny Confidential-Lauren Evarts and Michael Bostick, a cohesively entertaining married couple that host their podcast based off her blog and book, named the same. They have tips and tricks ranging from beauty, health, fitness, and major guests that are just down right brilliant creators and entrepreneurs that leave you with ideas swirling about!
  • Risen Motherhood-this podcast keeps me from losing my mind thinking I’m alone in the mothering world. Raising babies in a world that attempts to grab their attention at every move, these ladies give great Biblical advice to raise your little ones in Christ while not forgetting yourself as a mother, wife, and individual.
  • Higherself Podcast -this is by Sahara Rose (IG handle: @iamsaraharose). If you don’t know what Ayurveda is you need to. And she makes it such an easy method to add into your daily lifestyle. I’ve already implemented 5 Ayurvedic practices to my daily routine!
  • Goaldigger Podcast- by Jenna Kutcher-100% boss babe, a total business mindset on learning to grow your hobby to your business and doing what you LOVE.

There you have it! These are my current favs and I already have a few to suggest next time. Have a listen and let me know what you think! Any suggestions? Send them over!



Curse of Comparison

This has been a topic so heavy on my heart, because comparison haunts every single one of us. Mostly without admission. The accessibility to view the lives of everyone from our closest friends to complete strangers in other countries has been such a blessing yet can be a curse all in the same stroke. Admiring the pretty postings and flat lays is one thing, but expecting your highlight reel to look the same as another mama or another influencer is just unrealistic. I’m preaching to myself here you guys, because I am guilty of wishing my kitchen looked like that farm style kitchen post that had 1500 likes or figuring out how I can keep my home clean and sparkly while I’m at work for 9 hours even though I have a toddler. Because if mom over here has 3 kids and I have 1 then it’s certainly possible. But no.

What we see are snippets, tiny moments of time in tiny squares that in no way reflect a realistic day to day and if they do for that individual, then more power to them! But you are you! You are in this current space for a reason. Be your own competition. Some days your best will not be the same best as other days, but you are dominating. You come in first because you’re running your own race. Kill the curse. . Maybe you could be better or more efficient, but be better than YOU were yesterday. Challenge yourself to grow and be your own inspiration.

Thoughts can snowball. Try writing down a negative or positive conclusion that you’ve made about yourself. Underneath that conclusion, write down all the thoughts preceding that conclusion. How did you get there? What was the first thought? Identify it and destroy it if it’s negative. Learn to redirect thoughts of comparison that are not serving you. So the next time you’re scrolling and you happen to start figuring out what you need to buy or eat or do, in order for something to measure up to someone else’s reality. Stop yourself. Shift perspective. And honor yourself for who you are and the moment you’re in.