5 Things I Learned On My Journey to Ketosis (Vegetarian Style)

I hate dieting and to be honest, i hate the word. When I hear the word diet, I immediately think of the word “restriction”. However, when Josh and I both decided to get into quick shape to prep for holiday debauchery, we fully committed to the trendy Ketogenic way of eating. But we remained vegetarian. Now, I had heard ALOT about being “Keto” or “Keto Starbucks orders” which I still order although I’m not fully following Keto because heavy cream is yummy. So hearing all the buzzwords, I naturally decided to educate myself and become an expert so to speak on the science behind the body going into a state of Ketosis and what effects it has etc. After deeming it safe for a short amount of time, we did it for 2 months and man, were we pleasantly surprised.

  1. I lost a significant amount of weight fairly quickly. In the first 3-4 weeks I was already down 11 pounds. Naturally, I threw a party in my head because my weight journey post-partum fluctuates waaay too much. PRO: Yay. Down 11. CON: Energy level was low. TAKE AWAY: Eat more.
  2. Eating more. I added more of the fat and protein and for us, protein was not coming from meat rather we were using farm fresh eggs, tofu (sparingly due to soy and the chance of hormone disrupting), or Beyond Meat products. You can review my previous post on veggie meat products here! I also added a ton of spinach and arugula to salads with copious amounts of avocado.
  3. I cooked at home WAY more. We saved quite a bit of money both grocery shopping and not eating out. Also I was forced to bring lunch to work. No more Door Dash extravaganzas hence the money saving perk. I just made double of dinner and brought it the next day.
  4. Starbucks orders. We love coffee. We also love creamer. One of my best friends gave me a Keto order one day and my life was forever changed. Grande iced coffee w/ heavy cream-2 pumps SF Vanilla, 2 pumps SF cinnamon dolce. Boom. Thank me later. If you have more Keto Starbucks orders or ANY coffee shop for that matter, drop them in the comments section!
  5. Now here’s the thing though…I was borderline starving myself. I personally could not manage a Keto diet and sufficiently feed myself. I’m not a fan of drastic restriction. For me, I found myself almost obsessing over staying Keto rather than staying healthy. That’s a problem k? Health is priority.

I am really really glad that I did Keto for that time simply because it gave me discipline and I wasn’t going rogue with office goodies, snacking all day, and refined sugar was out of my life (and still is by the way… wooop!). I dropped some poundage that was hanging on for dear life. But I did learn that, that is not a lifestyle way of eating for me long-term. Now, I do still eat very Keto (full fats-lots of protein), however I eat my favorite foods like quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas and I’ve integrated them into my weekly meal menu.

If you go Keto for a while, expect to learn discipline and self control and quick results (yaaaas!), but NEVER put a way of eating ahead of well being and over all health, mental health included!!

What about you? Have you done Keto? What was your experience? Thinking about it? I’m happy to answer questions whenever because seriously I did SO MUCH research on the effects of Keto on hormones especially for women.

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Happy well living! And happy eating too!



Fill in The Blank

I hated these questions in a test. The statement would read and then all of a sudden stop with a big gaping hole in the middle and then finish off. Then the follow up command said “Fill in the blank” it was almost offensive. But in life, this is what we must do. Fill in the blank of what we want, where we see ourselves and our families, and how we are to get there.

By the end of the year, I want to_________.

Go ahead…fill in the blank. Now this isn’t something we can study for, this is something we have to dig deep and ask ourselves some probing questions to really get the most value out of the answer we choose to fill in that blank spot. Life is FULL of blanks to fill. What do you want to do for a career? Do you want to get married? Where do you want to live? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (My least favorite question). I most prefer where do you see yourself in a month or 3 even. It feels more attainable less daunting.

What I realized today, is that time can be left blank and even when you fill it with something, that something is taking up the void that perhaps something else could’ve filled. For example, I was flipping through shows to watch or a movie to start last night while Josh studied. I spend 30 min going between the remote and checking my phone and still didn’t find anything to watch. I was shook! 30 minutes you guys 30 minutes just LOOKING. BROWSING. Aimlessly. I looked back up at the TV and it had landed on The Pursuit of Happiness. I watched the trailer and remembered a part in the movie where Chris Garner mentions managing his time ever so meticulously to maximize the time he had to give up work productivity in order to get his son and be a father. He calculated down to the minutes of even getting up to get water, or not hanging up because it took a total of however many minutes to pick the phone back up and dial out again. I’m going to leave it here for you to watch. It’s epic and inspiring and at the same time chilling because what the hell am I dont with my time sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly OK to just veg out to a night of Netflix because I mean balance people. But how the hell are we supposed to fill in that blank if we are filling it in with other things all of the time?

I had spent the last month complaining about a choice I made that I won’t mention yet. I regretted it for a few reasons but at the same time feel liberated by it. Yet I was doing nothing to change it or even give it the possibility to change. I put the remote down last night and began my journey to fill in the blank with purpose.

I wanted to share this because I feel like a lot of us wish or hope that that blank space will someday miraculously fill itself, some even expect it to. But that blank is filled by you, by your why, by your drive and motivation.

So go ahead, fill in the blank. And it wouldn’t hurt to watch The Pursuit of Happiness. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight 🙂